Introducing S+ by ResMed

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    Non-contact sleep system

    S+ by ResMed uses a patented non-contact radio frequency (RF) technology to monitor your breathing and body movement while you sleep. Sensors in S+ detect key factors that affect your sleep environment including loud sounds, light levels and temperature. These are analysed along with how they impact your sleep to produce customised suggestions for helping you to get a better night's sleep.

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    Personalised help from world-class sleep experts

    The clinically proven technology of S+ by ResMed is your smart link to sleep experts, who are ready to analyse your sleep patterns and provide personalised advice.

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    Sleep Score

    Measuring on a scale between 0 and 100, S+ by ResMed combines the different elements of your sleep, mapping them against averages for your age and gender.

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    Sleep breakdown

    Sleep follows natural patterns. Our graphs will break down your sleep into Light, Deep and REM sleep, as well as periods of wakefulness. Understanding your sleep patterns is an important step toward consistently better nights.

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    Holds the pod in position at a suitable level above your mattress.

    Power supply unit

    An AC-DC adapter with 2 USB ports.

    USB power cable

    Connects the S+ pod to the power supply unit.

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    Contains the sensor that collects information about your sleep and your environment.


The smarter sleep solution

The S+ by ResMed is the world’s first non-contact sleep tracking system that helps you analyse and improve your sleep from the very first night.
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S+ by ResMed records the light, noise and temperature conditions in your room, and has features to help you sleep more easily. It syncs with your smartphone to provide tailored feedback and suggestions on how to improve your sleep routine and sleep conditions in your bedroom.
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About Sleep by Dr. Guy Meadows

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80% Improvement after one week*


Sleep 45 minutes longer*


69% improved their sleep*

*80% of users with an average sleep score of 30-40 saw improvement after one weeks use.

*Users with average sleep scores between 50-60 improved their sleep by an average of 44.71 minutes per night after one week of use.

*69% of users with a below average sleep score of <75 saw an average improvement in sleep score by 9.2% in second week.

Get S+ with the smartphone app

You’ll get tailored feedback from S+ by ResMed after your first night’s sleep, along with tips on improving sleep conditions in your bedroom – Learn more

While you’re learning about your sleep environment and how to improve it, the experts behind S+ by ResMed will spend a few days collecting and analyzing your information, and then send you personalised feedback and suggestions based on your sleep patterns – Learn more

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* ResMed recorded and analysed 2,000,000 nights of sleep in the development of S+

** Users with average sleep scores between 50-60 improved their sleep by an average of 44.71 minutes per night after one week of use.

*** Below average users are those with an average sleep score below 75. Poor sleep is defined as an average sleep score between 50-60. Very poor sleep is defined as an average sleep score between 30-50. Users with average sleep scores between 30-50 improved their sleep by more than 70 minutes per night after one week of use. Aggregate S+ user data as of 03/19/2015. All data is derived from a sample size of [5932] users as of 03/19/2015. Your results may be different.

Note: S+ is not a medical device. If you are seeking information on how to treat a sleep disorder, you should talk to your healthcare provider.