Tips for great sleep

The Real Truth About Beauty Sleep

July 4th, 2016

Sleep does wonders for us, both inside and out. If you can imagine, sleep does even more than helping you to feel rested, protecting your health and immune system, improving your cognitive function, your memory and your athletic performance. Getting enough sleep every night can also help you look your best. To help get that great, healthy, all-over glow, make sure to get your beauty sleep.

Beauty benefits of sleep

For your skin

You drink your recommended 8 glasses of water a day and make sure to moisturise. But all that could be for naught if you don’t give your skin cells time to repair and regenerate, which happens during sleep. Both Deep and REM Sleep have been linked to cell and tissue repair, so give your skin an extra boost by making sure you get your shut eye.
Bonus: A regular sleep schedule helps to keep your immune system in shape, which could help you fight any skin rash or irritation as well–not to mention wrinkles.

For your eyes

Got bags under your eyes? Chances are, if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, they’re slightly bigger—and maybe darker. Instead of relying only on that concealer stick , extra sleep can help reduce that swelling, discolored look your eyes get when you’re short on rest.

For your hair

Every now and then you need to just give it a rest: no flat iron, blow dryer, product, ponytail, nothing. Count your daily 7-9 hours of sleep as part of that hair break. Just don’t go to be with wet hair, or you might disturb your sleep!

For your shape

You’ve heard it before: sleep has a powerful effect on weight. You can count calories and exercise like crazy but if you try and cut corners on sleep you won’t get the full benefits, and you may struggle to keep weight off. Getting plentiful amounts of sleep, on the other hand, can keep your appetite in check, help you burn calories more effectively, and give you more energy for physical activity. Win? Win.

It feels good to look in the mirror and feel happy at what you see. Sleep can help you feel that way.

* ResMed recorded and analysed 2,000,000 nights of sleep in the development of S+

** Users with average sleep scores between 50-60 improved their sleep by an average of 44.71 minutes per night after one week of use.

*** Below average users are those with an average sleep score below 75. Poor sleep is defined as an average sleep score between 50-60. Very poor sleep is defined as an average sleep score between 30-50. Users with average sleep scores between 30-50 improved their sleep by more than 70 minutes per night after one week of use. Aggregate S+ user data as of 03/19/2015. All data is derived from a sample size of [5932] users as of 03/19/2015. Your results may be different.

Note: S+ is not a medical device. If you are seeking information on how to treat a sleep disorder, you should talk to your healthcare provider.